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SIMED Management was established to meet the growing demand for Simulation training and testing services for training and testing primarily in post-secondary settings, but also in various realms of public service. It is now one of the hottest topics at conferences worldwide for healthcare and education.


The value of person to person interaction to test and train in a role play setting continues to be one of the top teaching/training approaches for students and professionals. Today it is used at Colleges, Universities and Hospitals throughout the world and is increasing in interest for business and corporate training as well.


I began working as a Standardized Patient over 18 years ago with the University of Calgary's Medskills Program at the Foothills Hospital and was immediately captivated by all the unique characters and scenarios I was given to portray. Over time I also grew very interested in the subject material and began working behind the scenes and pursuing other avenues that were currently utilizing SPs.


Over the years I was able to branch out and work in all the various fields:




Occupational Therapists

Speech/Audiology Therapists




Psychology and Counseling

Community and Mental Health

Community/Career Counselors

Social Work




and the list continues to grow...


I am excited to say that I am currently facilitating SP/Simulation programs with 8 different departments at UBC and also work regularly with the BSN and Psychiatric Nursing Programs at Douglas College.  More recently we have expanded services to help train students in the BSN Program at BCIT. In addition to training and recruiting Simulated Clients (or Standardized Patients), I've gone on to help produce training videos and newer methods such as Virtual Reality, Escape Rooms and even Video Game training modules. Hybrid Simulation (robotics and props, paired with actors) and Interprofessional Roleplay (training actors to be corresponding professionals in a respective industry, as opposed to clients) are two newer areas of Simulation in which I am currently focusing on.

This standard method of teaching and testing is ubiquitous throughout Healthcare Education, but is now expanding out to Public Service realms (First Responders, Law, Social Work) and even has a valuable role in any company training to tackle challenges in the workplace; from conflict resolution, to harassment, ethics and mental health & well being, Simulation can offer employees a safe environment to roleplay out scenarios, to better prepare them for situations in the workplace.


It is my goal to assist any new developments wishing to employ Simulation Services throughout Western Canada. Whether it is assistance in case/scenario writing, recruiting experienced simulation actors, Exam /Workshop facilitation or integrated e-learning solutions,  I am looking forward to help initiate your project startup.

​​Charles Heffernan

SIMED Management Director

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