Education and Training

The approach of using professional actors to Simulate Roles and Experiences is one of the fastest growing strategies for teaching and training these days. 


​Here are some industries that frequently use Simulation training:


May 1
University of British Columbia   
Mock OSCE International Students

April 25
BCIT Sonography Simulation Lab

April 14
University of British Columbia
Neonatology Licensing Exam

April 4-11
University of British Columbia 
Pharmaceutical Sciences IE Exams

March 31
University of British Columbia   Pharmaceutical Sciences Virtual Lab (Remote)

March 21-29
University of British Columbia Pharmaceutical Sciences 3rd yr labs

March 24
University of British Columbia
Pharmaceutical Sciences Virtual Lab 

March 16-24​​
University of British Columbia Pharmaceutical Sciences 2rd yr labs

March 11
University of British Columbia
Social Work Group Workshop

March 11
BCIT Nursing : Surgical Prioritization Simulation Lab

March 9

BCIT Nursing : Naloxone/Overdose   Simulation Lab

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​ Email: info@simed.ca

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by Leslie Jamison

A medical actor writes her own script. A creative and curious read about the role of Standardized Patient (see on the web)


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Simulation gives BCIT Students a significant learning advantage   (see article in Vancouver Sun)


VR and Simulation Driving a Revolution in Medical Education

and Surgery   (see on the web)